About Us

No matter what your budget, we have a pet food for you!

We are a locally owned and operated store, not a franchise and have been in business for ten years. We carefully hand pick every food and treat brand we sell to make sure we are offering the very best nutrition for your pet. Whether you're on a tight budget with multiple dogs, or want to feed the absolute best food on the market, we have food for every pocketbook and every breed/size of cat and dog. Plus, feel free to bring your dog in for a treat when you come!

All our foods are all natural.

All our foods are all natural.

None of our foods contain corn, wheat, soy, bi-products, carcinogenic (cancer causing) preservatives, dyes, artificial ingredients, or propylene glycol (the first ingredient in anti-freeze). Most of the foods you find in grocery stores and even big box pet stores have got a few or sometimes all of these things in them. We encourage you to always look at the ingredients of what you're feeding your pet, and if it has any of these things in it, come see us and we'll help you pick out a healthy food for your pet.

No China foods here!

We make it a point not to carry any food made in China or other countries besides the USA and Canada. You can also rest assured that none of our foods have ever been recalled due to a health concern for your pets.

Shop where everybody knows your name!

We try our very best to get to know all of our customers and their animals. So don't be surprised if you become a regular customer and we know what kind of food you're coming to buy when you walk in the door! Customer service is our biggest priority, so you can always count on us to continually keep up with all the latest research on everything cat and dog, and provide you with the most up to date information we possibly can. We want nothing more than to be your go-to store for all of your pet's needs!

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