Dog Food

We have an impressive selection of grain free and non grain free, dry, canned, dehydrated, refrigerated, and even raw. We have every type of diet available for dogs. Even if your dog is on prescription food, we have healthy alternatives, just ask us! We also have a variety of price ranges to fit any budget.

Cat Food

Wether you need a grain free dry food or a canned or raw food, we've got a wide variety of all types of natural cat foods. Even cats that need a special diet for their kidneys/urinary tract, or are prone to digestive issues we have foods that will promote a healthy kitty!

Feed the best...go raw!

We also have many freezers full of raw food for your furry friends! We carry many different brands including some with just meat, bone, and organ, and some that have 5%-20% vegetables added in.

On top of all that, we also offer freeze dried raw and dehydrated diets (great for traveling).

Bully sticks, raw bones, & antlers... Oh my!!

Bully sticks, raw bones, & antlers... Oh my!!

We have all varieties of bully sticks from long to short, beef to buffalo, braided and not, fat to skinny, and even non-stinky! For your more "hard-core" chewers we even have very affordable raw bones (a whole freezer full and then some), antlers, and Himalayan chews (like a hard cheese)! What more could a dog ask for? And if you have a cat that likes to chew we even have duck and chicken feet!

Does your dog like soft or crunchy??? We have both!!!

We've got everything from soft and crunchy training treats to sweet potato chews, to bulk biscuits from our treat bar. Once dogs get a taste from our treat bar they'll never want another milk bone again!

Come in and get your free sample (for first time customers only).

Bird/Rodent Food

We also have a small selection of bird and rodent food. If we don't carry the brand you feed, let us know, we may be able to order it for you.

Buy local

By shopping at H3 Pet Foods you get access to local treats! We have Lava Lake Lamb treats available which are made in Sun Valley. All the lamb they use are hormone, steroid, and antibiotic free, and at a great value for 60 chips per bag! We also carry Healthy Partners treats made in Idaho Falls. They have strips and chips of chicken, turkey, turkey with krill oil (great for the skin and coat), and even bacon! It's a very healthy alternative to those horribly chemically laden Beggin' Strips, and dogs love them!

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